Oasis Full-Body Scrub

Feel the stress melt away as your skin is gently massaged using a blend of jasmine rice scrub. Combined with essential oils, this treatment removes impurities, dead skin cells and stimulates circulation. Bring the radiance back to your skin with your choice of honey bamboo sugar or hot chocolate scrub.

30 Min $65

Body Scrub, Wrap, and Massage

Our energizing body scrub treatments use natural ingredients to assist with exfoliation. Dead and dry skin is sloughed off, reviving, and softening the new skin and improving circulation. Our therapist will work with you to select the body cream treatments that best suit your skin type.

Body Scrub and Wrap only 60 Min $115
Body Scrub, Wrap, and Massage 90 Min $160


V Steam & Womb Therapy

This ancient African treatment channels herb-infused steam into the vagina, cleansing the uterus, regulating menstruation, cramps, and bloating. Choose from four herbal blends to target pre-menstrual regulation, cleansing, fertility, or post-partum. To maximize benefit, this treatment starts with a 30-minute therapeutic massage that concentrates on the abdomen to stimulate circulation.

* This treatment is intended for women between the ages of 16 and 65, not during menstruation or when pregnant, and may include some risks or side-effects such as allergic reactions to herbs or potential burns.

V Steam and Abdominal Massage 60 Min $100
V Steam and Abdominal Massage 90 Min $130


Instant Soothing Vajacial

Spa Oasis' Instant Soothing Vajacial is used to soothe, cleanse, and exfoliate the skin around the vaginal area. Including a cleanse, peel, extraction, and deep-rooted moisturization, this gentle treatment is completed immediately after a Brazilian wax to calm the skin and prevent any irritants, leaving you with hairless silky-smooth skin.

45 Min $75


Brightening Vajacial

Spa Oasis’ ultimate vaginal Skin Brightening treatment assists with fading dark spots and scarring, along with neutralizing the skin tone and texture of the skin using powerful, organic brightening ingredients. This treatment includes a cleanse, brightening mask, extraction and deep-rooted moisturization and should be performed 1-2 weeks after a Brazilian wax.

45 Min $75



Be your best self and enhance your features with our natural and full eyelash, eyebrow, and ear treatments.

Lash Extensions Natural   $140
Lash Extensions Natural 2-week refill   $60
Lash Extensions Russian Volume   $160
Lash Extensions Russian Volume 2-week refill   $75


Eyebrow / Eyelash Tint   $25



Permanent Makeup

Get the look that you want and make it last longer with our permanent makeup provided by trained therapists.

Permanent makeup is sometimes referred to as cosmetic tattooing or microblading. This procedure enhances faint eyebrows, gives definition to the lip line, and will allow you to put away your eyeliner pencil for several years.

Eyebrow     $375
Lip Liner     $350
Top Eye Liner     $225
Bottom Eye Liner     $200
Eye Liner (top & bottom)      $375
Eyebrow Top Up     $125






Our sauna is a way to detoxify, increase blood circulation, help with pain reduction, skin rejuvenation, sleep and stress and ultimately gain complete relaxation in this dry, heated area.

Enjoy a complimentary sauna with treatments $100.00 or above; $25.00 per half hour for sauna only.


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